Improving the A120


We believe the A120 is not fit for purpose and is long overdue an upgrade. We are not alone either, as more than four out of five people who responded to our 2017 consultation agreed.

That is why we have developed plans for a newly improved route which would create a modern dual carriageway link connecting Braintree and the A12.

This is vital as the A120 is a key driver for the local and national economy. Commuters, freight, residents and businesses suffer daily lengthy delays on this single-carriageway road which cost the country millions of pounds every year.

In June 2018, we announced our favoured route for the new road as Route D. We predict that every £1 million spent on the new route will deliver £4.5 million in benefits.

Our study work has now been completed and passed to Highways England who will make a final decision, in conjunction with the Department for Transport (DfT), on whether to fund the scheme through the Road Investment Strategy 2 (RIS 2) later this year (2019).

If and when funding is secured, Highways England would announce a preferred route for the scheme in conjunction with DfT, which would then be consulted on with the public.

Please take a minute to explore our website which gives a detailed overview of the scheme so far.

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