Route Options OLD

We carried out a feasibility study to inform our future decisions on the scheme and help find the best solution for the A120. The first step was to identify potential routes, resulting in 68 possible options. These were looked at in more detail and sifted according to the Department for Transport’s Early Assessment Sifting Tool and transport appraisal process.

Five route options were taken to consultation. Respondents were asked to rank the five options presented from 1 to 5, with 1 being the first preference and 5 being the last preference. Option C received the most responses as first preference when compared across options with 29%, closely followed by option E with 27% and then option A (17%), option D (14%) and option B (13%).

When first and second preferences were added together, option C was still the most preferred with 25%, followed even more closely by option E with 24%, options D and B with 20% and option A least preferred with 11%.

Option A was the least popular option, receiving the highest number of ‘5’ rankings (62%), where respondents provided 5th placed rankings.

Watch a fly through on each route option. These computer-generated-images have been created to help people to picture how each route may travel through their local area. These are illustrative videos and are not intended to show final route alignments or provide detailed information on highway structures.

Route Option Videos